Guest Bookings

Guests = Ratings! Your television and/or radio show depends on guests. We specialize in helping you get that "great get" for your show. Celebrities, Newsmakers, Athletes, Policy Experts, Elected Officials or Opinionated Debaters are just a sample of what we can offer you. We provide the experts and the support you need to boost your ratings and your guestbookings. Whatever the topic, whoever the guest, we can help you and your show beat the competition.

On-Air Placement

Everyone has a book to launch or a story to tell— the key to media success is getting you on the right show, at the right time. We help Celebrities, Athletes, Authors, Public Figures, Politicians and Non-Profits develop your "hook" by using our contacts to get your name in front of the right people. We then work diligently with them to get you placed on the right show. Premier Booking generates on-air results.